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Dealing with divorce, child custody, adoption, child support, and other family law issues can be stressful as well as emotionally draining. The myriad challenges and obstacles that can arise can cause a family to feel lost and torn—which is why professional guidance is so essential.


We are Birmingham family law advocates who believe in offering sincere, compassionate, and caring representation for our clients. We represent a wide range of clients who are going through difficult times and need veteran guidance and support, including clients who are:

  • Going through the pain and turmoil of a divorce;
  • Fighting to gain custody of a child;
  • Fighting to retain custody of a child;
  • Asserting their rights for alimony and child support;
  • Working to adopt a child and grow their families.



Our approach is built around compassion and dedication to your rights under the law. We work with our clients on an intimate basis to thoroughly understand every detail and every aspect of their case, and give them careful guidance based on years of experience and proven instincts.


To navigate the system, you need professional help from proven resources. You need a law firm with attorneys who specialize in Birmingham family law and can give you the advice and counsel you need in a troubling time. You also need attorneys who have empathy for you and your situation, whatever it may be.


Talk to us today to learn more about our approach to Birmingham family law and how we help those who have delicate family matters to decide. 


You do not have to go through this alone. Consult with our professionals for more information on how to proceed with confidence.


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